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Part L regulations:

What the Part L regulation changes mean for us

Part L of the building regulations was updated in June 2022. The alterations to the regulations set out changes to the way in which heating and hot water systems are designed and maintained. These changes are with a view to improving the reliability and efficiency of heating & hot water systems.

So what changes are we making to the way we operate & why?

  • Item 5.20 states that thermostatic room controls should be installed in all rooms. We will be advising our clients of the importance of having accurate heating controls and will provide free estimates for control system upgrades. 

  • We'll be conducting free surveys to provide estimates for heating system upgrades that will increase the efficiency of our clients homes e.g. boiler replacements, hot water tank upgrades etc. You can book in for your free estimate here.

  • Where suitable, we will be installing electric boilers to reduce carbon emissions for our clients and can arrange for both the plumbing and electrical work required to be undertaken to ensure a smooth installation process.

  • We will be future proofing new boiler installations for our clients by installing boilers that are Hydrogen ready wherever possible.

  • In these tough financial times, we have created videos and Q&As on our website to help our customers understand and troubleshoot their heating and hot water systems correctly to remove the need for unnecessary callouts. 

  • In line with changes to Part L and boiler manufacturers requirements, we are now offering heating system water quality testing. It is recommended that water quality be checked at regular intervals so we will be recommending this be done alongside the annual service of your boiler.

Part L Regulations - What do they mean for us?
Part L Regulations - What do they mean for us?
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