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Full manufacturer's boiler service: what this include?

 A full manufacturers service includes everything that falls within the scope of a routine service along with additional works set out by the appliance manufacturer. A full manufacturers service generally includes the following:

  • Visual inspection of the appliance and flue

  • Testing of flame safety devices built in to the appliance

  • Cleaning of the heat exchanger where deemed necessary (and assuming no special order gaskets or seals are required)

  • Cleaning of the condensate trap where required

  • Where an internal expansion vessel is fitted, this will be checked and topped up with air if needed.

  • Testing and adjustment of appliance emissions to ensure safety and efficiency

  • Testing of combustion air quality and where necessary, room ventilation.

  • Testing of gas rate or appliance operating pressure (or both where necessary)

  • Where requested, testing of the system water quality using an approved test kit (subject to additional charge of £30 & must be requested at time of booking)

  • Replacement of gaskets and additional cleaning as set out by the manufacturer of the appliance.

  • If a full manufacturers service is required, this must be requested at the time of booking and appliance details provided to the office to allow us to provide you with an estimate/quote.

  • A full service may be necessary to validate any guarantee or warranty provided by the appliance manufacturer.

How much does a full manufacturer's service cost?

A full manufacturer's service typically costs between £90 and £300 based on the location of your property and the make and model of the boiler. 

Book your full manufacturer's boiler service in Oxfordshire now: 01491 839675

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